Name: Brian West

Position: Board of Elders

Please share your family details with us and how long you've been a member at St. Peter's.

I have been a member at St. Peter's since 2000. My wife Julie and I have been married for 28 years, and she has been a life-long member. We have two children, Alyssa and Tyler. 

Please identify which positions you are currently serving in and/or any positions you've served in previously at St. Peter's, previous churches, or any other community groups.

I have been on the Board of Elders for several years. Within the board I have served as Secretary, the Welcoming Committee, and now on the newly formed Safety and Security Team. Julie and I serve as Marriage Mentors within St. Peter's. I have also served as site coordinator for our past two Red Cross Blood Drives. 

Please share with us what interests you about serving in this position.

I enjoy connecting with our fellow members by providing encouragement and support to them. I also enjoy being involved in the worship services that includes assisting the Pastors where needed and making both members and visitors feel welcome when coming to Church. 

What gifts or experiences do you feel God has given you that could be of use to this team/position?

I feel that God has called me to continue serving in the role as an Elder. The experiences I have gained in this role and the positive relationships among our Pastors, Elders and Congregation has allowed me to continue growing in my own faith and to use those experiences to influence others. 

Please share any addititional comments that might be helpful in assisting the congregation in this election.

Julie and I will be celebrating our anniversary with a trip to Florida when the Voters Meeting will be taking place.