Name: Donald Korte

Position: Board of Elders

Please share your family details with us and how long you've been a member at St. Peter's.

My name is Donald (Don) Korte, and I have been married to my wife Sandra (Sandy) for 57 years. We got married at “big” Bethlehem on South Anthony here in Fort Wayne. I attended K through 8th grade at Bethlehem, and then I attended Concordia Lutheran High school and graduated from there in 1959. We have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I am a lifelong LCMS Lutheran, and just prior to getting married Sandy was confirmed as a Lutheran. We have been lifelong residents of Fort Wane except for 6 years when I worked in New York City and lived in New Jersey in the late 1970’s. We have been members of St. Peter’s for about 30 years. For 15 years, after we retired, we were “snow birds” and spent 6 months each year in Mesa, Arizona and 6 months back in Fort Wayne. Because of this, our involvement in anything in either location was limited. We now are spending all of our time here in Fort Wayne, since we sold our home in Mesa in 2017.

Please identify which positions you are currently serving in and/or any positions you've served in previously at St. Peter's, previous churches, or any other community groups.

Currently I am on the Foxwood Communities HOA board, where we live. In the past, Sandy and I both sang in the choirs here at St. Peter’s. While living in East Brunswick, NJ, we were members of Christ Memorial Lutheran Church where we both sang in the choir and I served as an elder. As an elder I chanted parts of the liturgy during the services. For over 25 years I had served on the Greater Fort Wayne Crime Stoppers Board in various positions including the chairman and treasurer. Recently when St. Peter’s was searching for an Associate Pastor, I served on the call committee. During our years at Bethlehem Sandy and I both sang in the choir. I served on the school board at Bethlehem for several years there as well. While at Bethlehem I served as an usher for many years.

Please share with us what interests you about serving in this position.

Serving as an elder is an honor that I have never had before. My father was an elder and I was always proud of this. I believe that I can benefit from this experience and that I can contribute from my past experiences.