Literacy Enrichment and Achievement Program (LEAP) is an enrichment program that is offered in the afternoon every school day and operates as an extension to the morning PreK and kindergarten session. This program is unique to northeast Indiana. LEAP provides additional instruction and learning opportunities that are designed to enrich and expand upon the literacy and math skills that children learn in their core instruction.

St. Peter’s LEAP was uniquely designed to allow each child to reach his or her highest potential. We seek to supplement the traditional PreK and kindergarten curriculum with an individualized learning program full of hands-on activities designed to develop each child’s character, concentration, socialization and work habits in addition to strengthening each student’s essential early literacy and math skills.


This enrichment is designed for ALL PreK and kindergarten aged children...from those requiring extra instruction and practice on basic literary skills to those who come to us with advanced skills and wish to be challenged.


LEAP is rooted in small group and individualized instruction for students, where the teacher tailors instruction to the students’ individual learning styles and skill levels, and the instructional approach ensures that children are taught in such a way that learning is personal, functional, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate. The framework of this program curriculum is unified and integrated through stimulating, creative and fun learning activities.

For more information about LEAP for Preschoolers please contact Mrs Kidd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..