St. Peter’s Lutheran School and Preschool sponsor a Scrip program which allows you to purchase gift cards. The scrip you purchase through our program generates rebates from the participating retailers. 50% of the rebate is retained by St. Peter’s to support our school and preschool along with other ministries of our church. The other 50% of the rebate belongs to you, the purchaser. You may use your portion of the rebate in a variety of ways. If you choose the option of using the rebate to credit your family school acount for assistance with tuition and other fees, St. Peter's will match 50% of your rebate. Please fill out a Scrip Agreement to designate which of these five options you choose for your rebate.

You can enroll in our online program at by first contacting our Scrip Coordinator for the unique Enrollment Code. Using the program online allows you to purchase ScripNow eCards, physical cards, and reload registered cards. You may also enroll in Online Payments (PrestoPay) which enables you to link your bank account for direct payment of purchases. Other accepted payment types are credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) through your online account or check given to our Scrip Coordinator.

Utilizing ScripNow eCards and PrestoPay together gives you the advantage of bonus rebates and flash deals. This is the best way to support our school and grow your own rebate. Physical cards can be purchased online or with a manual order form. Using the manual form requires payment with the order. Weekly order deadline is by Tuesday at Noon. Weekly orders are filled by Thursday afternoon.

A full list of retailers can be found here.