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Kindergarten Schedule

7:50-8:10 Student Arrival
8:10  Attendance, Lunch Count, Etc.
8:15  Morning Announcements
8:25  Jesus Time
8:45  Minds in Motion
9:00  Language Arts (Reading)
9:45  Snack
10:00 Math
10:30 Recess
11:00 Science/Social Studies/Computer Lab/Physical Education (Rotations)
11:40 Lunch
12:15 Writer’s Workshop
1:00  Afternoon Recess
1:20  Teacher Read Aloud / Rest Time
1:40  Group Time! (Whole Group)

1:50 Reader’s Workshop/Math Stations/Fun Friday
M/W - Math Stations: During this time, students rotate through a series of 14 math game and skill stations with a learning partner. Stations are designed to give students the opportunity to practice, extend and expand upon math skills taught during teacher directed and/or teacher supported learning activities. Math stations are designed in a rotation type of series, so that when students have completed all 14 current stations, completely new stations are rotated in to ensure progressive skill growth and novelty.
T/TH - Reader’s Workshop: During this time, students work in small groups as they rotate through a variety of hands-on, interactive literacy centers in which they practice, extend and expand upon literacy skills taught during teacher directed and/or teacher supported learning activities. Reader’s Workshop stations are specifically designed for multiple student skill levels in order to meet the needs of each child. Students also meet daily with the teacher for guided reading and for skill specific/student need based small group and individualized instruction during this time.
Fridays - Friday Literacy Fun Days! During this time every Friday, the class will be immersing themselves in a specific outstanding children’s book. Class activities will be based around the “book of the day” and will include a variety of cross-curricular, fun-packed learning opportunities such as field trips, cooking experiences, science experiments and more!

3:00 Daily News (Interactive Writing)
3:10 School Announcements/Prepare for Dismissal
3:15-3:40  Dismissal