Language Arts
First Graders review all the consonant and vowel sounds. The reading and spelling curriculum is phonetically based. Word attack skills, comprehension, sight words, vocabulary, and fluency are practiced on a daily basis. Accelerated Reader is introduced at the beginning of the second semester. This computer program helps develop reading comprehension. First graders learn how to construct a sentence using nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, and article adjectives. They are also introduced to diagramming sentences.

In first grade numbers from one to one hundred are reviewed.  Basic math facts up to twenty are introduced and practiced to build fluency. Telling time, counting money, number families, fractions, and basic problem solving are also a part of our studies.

The typical first grade student is very curious. In science we learn about living and nonliving things, plants, life cycles, weather, and food chains. We even do simple experiments in the classroom!  Health is also a part of our science curriculum. We discuss nutrition, manners, and basic social skills. We integrate science into our everyday learning.  These topics are all discussed on an age-appropriate level.

Social Studies
Seven year olds love to discuss and learn about their surroundings and other cultures. We have units on neighborhoods, jobs, communities, and American history. We also spend time talking about good choices and how choices affect the student’s life and those around them.

Jesus Time
Jesus time is the central core of our curriculum. God’s Word is always integrated into all aspects of our studies. We learn about the tremendous love of God and the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Scripture memorization is required once a week. Every morning, we pray for a specific child and their family. We also share Jesus’ love when we make cards for shut-ins in our church. What a JOY!

Art & Music
The program Art Attack is used to help us with painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, coloring and glittering! Our “Artist of the Month” program allows us to study a famous artist and copy their technique. Art lessons are once per week by our art teacher. Music is taught by our music teacher twice per week. We also learn songs throughout the school year. We are involved in either the Christmas program or the Spring Musical every year.

Computers & Technology
St. Peter’s has a lab with thirty computers as well as computers in every classroom. First Grade visits the computer lab at least once a week. Basic computer skills are learned. We make books, pictures, charts, and diagrams. We are always finding new or easier ways to use the computers. It’s always fun to share new ideas!