Third graders read a story each week from their textbook. They learn phonics to help them with the different sounds and rules of language. Students use the Accelerated Reading program which lets them work at their own reading level. They read and take tests which measures their comprehension and the level at which they are reading. They earn points which they use to earn prizes. Building vocabulary skills is a main component of the reading curriculum.

Third Graders learn addition and subtraction with 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers. They learn multiplication with 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers and division with 1 digit numbers and remainders. Place value, time value, geometry, measurement, fractions, and decimals are also taught.

Third graders are taught Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Space and Technology through traditional methods and hands-on experiments. Also, students study mental, emotional, family, social, physical, personal, community, and environmental health.

Computers & Technology
Third graders learn keyboarding. They also learn the basics of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint as well as beginning keyword search skills for the Internet. Technology is taught alongside reading, science, and social studies concepts.

Each day we use our Bibles to learn about the saving grace of our loving Savior, Jesus. Each student receives a memory folder which contains prayers, Bible verses, and the Ten Commandments which they are required to memorize. Prayers are also said in the morning, afternoon, and before lunch.

Social Studies
In Third Grade we study communities. We compare our communities with communities throughout the world. We study different cultures and customs of communities.

Children have biweekly classes in music taught by our music teacher. Third grade general music is a performance-based class. Students will sing a variety of songs throughout the year and will play basic percussion classroom instruments. Students will continue to improve their musical knowledge and begin playing the recorder. Each student will have his/her own recorder which will be played once a week during music class.  Students will listen to a variety of music from various composers.

We focus on art once a week using Arts Attack. We use watercolors, paint, chalk, and a variety of different media. Children are encouraged to express themselves through the different media.