Language Arts
Fourth graders learn to connect reading and writing using the writing process. Their published writing includes: animal reports, sports cards, and books that mimic famous authors. Students also learn about sentence structure on a more detailed level. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is utilized to help students become confident readers and to measure their reading comprehension.

Fourth graders master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division basic facts. These skills enable them to be successful with double digit multiplication and division problems. More advanced geometry and problem solving is introduced. Problem solving is a life skill that continues throughout fourth grade and well into middle and high school.

In fourth grade we explore God’s creation through a Biblical view of science. We explore God’s creation of dinosaurs, monarch butterflies, weather, ecosystems, planets, and rocks. We help maintain our church's garden and demonstrate our love of Jesus by sharing the harvest. We also discover force, motion, and electricity through hands-on experiences.  We use the Scientific Method as we ask and answer questions.

Computers & Technology
Fourth graders develop skills with Microsoft Word and Power Point. We research topics on the internet and use our developing program skills to complete science and social studies projects. We also work to improve typing skills using Typing Club.

Our faith is integrated into all areas of our school day. Everyday is opened with a devotion and prayer. We learn the books of the Bible and the Ten Commandments and their meanings.

Social Studies
In fourth grade the social studies focus is on the people, places, and history of Indiana. We use this study to understand our state’s and country’s past and future. We conclude our year with a class trip to Connor Prairie.

Fine Arts
Creative expression through music and art are encouraged. Children have biweekly classes in  music taught by our music teacher. Fourth grade general music is a performance-based class. Students will sing a variety of songs throughout the year and will play basic percussion classroom instruments. In fourth grade students will have built a basic repertoire of musical knowledge. Students will listen to a variety of music from various composers. Students will also learn the importance of self-discipline while working in a large group setting. Lessons in art expression are taught using a variety of media. We concentrate on the details that make art interesting. We study the techniques of famous artists and replicated their techniques.