What are your school hours?
School begins promptly as 8:00am and concludes at 3:00pm. You may drop your child off as early as 7:45am without using the before school care and pick your child up as late as 3:20pm without using the after school care. Before 7:45am and after 3:20pm, all unattended children will be sent to Clubhouse, our before and after school care program.

What is your student to teacher ratio?
Our student to teacher ratio for the 2020/2021 school year is 16:1. St. Peter’s employs eleven full-time teachers and three part-time teachers. Our average class size is 21.

How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?
St. Peter’s participates in FACTS Family Portal, an online fully integrated school management program. Teachers and students utilitze Google Suite for Education in each classroom which offers assignments and resources from teachers. You may reach your child’s teacher directly via phone or through email. Teachers are willing to meet before or after school to discuss your student’s progress. Additionally, the principal publishes a weekly all school e-newsletter, Pieces of the Rock.

How does lunch work?
All lunches are prepared in our school kitchen. St. Peter’s does not serve ‘satellite lunches’. Students have the option of bringing a lunch, purchasing a sack lunch ($3.50), or purchasing a hot lunch ($3.50). The lunch menu is available on FACTS Family Portal and in Pieces of the Rock. Students are assigned a lunch card (which the teacher keeps) and use that to “charge” their lunch purchases to their prepay account. This account can be monitored on FACTS also.

Do classes take field trips?
Yes! All classes take educational and fun field trips. Parents are encouraged to attend when appropriate.
Do you have before and after school childcare?
Yes! Clubhouse opens at 7:00am for before school childcare. After school, Clubhouse is open until 5:30pm.  The cost is $1.75 per child per half hour.

Is there anything special that your school participates in that will help my child succeed?
St. Peter’s joyfully participates in all kinds of community service projects throughout the year including food drives, clothing drives, and penny pitches. Every year offers a different opportunity to give back! Kindergarten and 1st Grade participate in Minds in Motion up to three days per week for 15 minutes each day. Activities are designed to develop the students’ sensory systems. The program improves vision skills for reading, tracking of digits in math, focusing ability, and sensory and motor integration. Some of the special academic events for St. Peter’s upper grades include a school wide Spelling Bee and Geography Bee which are both held in January. Winners have the opportunity to move on to further competitions. The children also prepare an Advent service or a spring musical every year. Beginning in fourth grade, students have the opportunity to participate in several sports. Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, and Track are offered for the boys as well as an option to play football with sister Lutheran schools. Girls may choose Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, and Track. The purpose of St. Peter’s athletic program is to give our children exercise, build self-esteem, highlight sportsmanship, and acquire new skills; therefore, activities are offered on a non-tryout basis. The Achievement Challenge Excellence (ACE) Program is available for students in grades 7-8. This honors program will not be required for any student, but will be available for all students. More information regarding these programs and activites are available in the school office.

What is the dress code?
Students are required to wear a St. Peter’s crested collared shirt (purchased HERE with free delivery to the school). Students may wear solid in color bottoms in one of the followings colors: tan, navy blue, black, or gray. Students may wear traditional blue denim jeans. Students in grades 3-8 are required to wear a belt. Comfortable shoes with heel backs are required.

Do you have financial aid?
Yes! Thousands of dollars are awarded in financial aid every year. St. Peter's also participates in the SGO and School Choice Voucher programs. Please contact our school office for more information. Need based financial aid is available. We also encourage each familiy to schedule a financial aid appointment to explore options available as the requirements and award amounts change each year.