Throughout the school year, the Parent Teacher League is busy at St. Peter’s. Activities and fundraisers cannot be possible without the volunteer hours of the school parents. These volunteer hours are a vital part of our St. Peter’s family. We encourage the parents to be willing to help out. Prayerfully consider where you can help. There is something for everyone!


We collect box tops from General Mills products (cereals, yogurts, desserts, etc.) which help to raise money for our teacher’s wish lists. There is a box on the windowsill by the school office where you may place the box tops.

Another way to help our school is by saving Campbell’s Soup labels. There is a container located by the entrance to the office in which you may place your labels. Did you know that this includes a lot more than just soup labels? You may also collect other items such as: Franco-American, Pace Picante, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Swanson, and V8 juices.


Go down in Chili Cook-Off history! Each year in January or February the PTL sponsors a chili cook-off. Prizes are awarded for Best Overall Chili, Deliciously Spicy Chili, Most Unique, and Kid's Choice.


In December, the students have the opportunity to do their own Christmas shopping. Prices of gifts range from $0.50 to $5.00. Children are encouraged to shop for family members and friends. The gifts are wrapped in holiday bags and can be taken home ready-to-go for Christmas.

It’s never too early to start refining your talent! St. Peter’s has some amazing comedians, dancers, jugglers, and singers. The talent flows across the St. Peter's stage in March.

A Teacher Appreciation Committee is formed to concentrate efforts on special days to appreciate our teachers. For example, special lunches are brought in and teachers are able to have lunches without supervising their class. This is a yearlong committee with a variety of activities throughout.