St. Peter's strives to serve well-balanced meals at a resonable cost and to promote healthy eating habits involving nutritious food. All lunches are prepared in our school kitchen. St. Peter’s does not serve ‘satellite lunches’. Students have the option of bringing a lunch from home, purchasing a sack lunch, or purchasing a hot lunch. A half pint of milk is served with each hot or sack lunch. An “extras” option is available for students which includes choices of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and snacks at an additional cost. Students are assigned a lunch card (kept by the teacher) and are able to charge their purchases to an individual account. The lunch menu is available on RenWeb and Pieces of the Rock. Your student's account may be viewed on RenWeb at any time. Payments to your child's lunch account can be delivered by mail, paid online via RenWeb, or in person to the school office. Please use a lunch payment envelope to ensure proper accounting. Please also note that lunch payment may not be combined with any other payment including tuition, Clubhouse, SCRIP, etcetera.

Student Hot Lunch - $2.65
Student Sack Lunch - $2.65
Extra Milk - $0.30
Extra Entree - $1.00
Adult Lunch - $4.00

When you decide to eat lunch with your child at school, call or email the school secretary and make arrangements before 9:00am so the cooks can be notified of an extra adult meal. Check with your child’s teacher as to the time the class eats lunch. When you arrive at the school, please pick up a lunch card from the secretary. Give the card to the teacher as you proceed through the lunch line. Return the card to the secretary after lunch.