Students at St. Peter’s Lutheran School are expected to dress neatly, modestly and in good taste. Student dress should reflect the fact that you and your family take education seriously. Sometimes the current fads and trends are in conflict with what is appropriate for school. If the principal and teacher agree, the student will be asked not to wear the inappropriate item again. In instances where students are inappropriately dressed, they will be sent to the principal’s office until proper clothing can be brought to school.

A Standardized Dress Code:

  1. Allows the faculty to focus on providing a Christian-centered education without the distraction of monitoring appropriate attire.
  2. Promotes a sense of unity and belonging within a student body that reflects the unity we have in Jesus Christ.  
  3. Defines and provides guidance for modest and non-distracting student appearance within the school.
  4. Promotes a positive image to the community and our congregation.

Must be solid in color (no patterns, stripes, plaids, graphics, sparkles, etc.). Bottoms must be chinos in one of the following colors: tan (khaki or stone), navy blue, black, or gray. Students may wear traditional blue denim jeans. Spandex, leather, and leather-like material is not allowed. Bottoms that are deemed by the teacher to be too tight, baggy, or short are not allowed. Shorts and skirts are determined to be too short if when standing and the student puts their hands straight down at their sides that their fingertips go past the bottom of their shorts/skirt. Bottoms must have a finished leg (cuffed or hemmed) and have no frays, tears, or slits. Solid color leggings and tights are to be worn only under shorts, pants, capris, or skirts. They must be black, navy blue, gray, or white.

Belts are required for students in grades 3-8. Belts are optional in grades K-2. Belts must be solid black, brown, tan (khaki or stone), navy blue, or gray with a buckle. No patterns, graphics, or sparkles. Belts must be inserted through belt loops whenever belt loops are naturally present on bottoms.

Must be purchased HERE. Please note, when ordering the monthly cut off date is the 20th of each month with delivery being on the 1st day of the following month. You may choose to have your orders delivered to your home at an additional cost. Shirts may be delivered to St. Peter's for free. Shirts must be tucked in. Crested collared shirts must be worn under any crested sweatshirt. Turtleneck shirts can be worn under a crested collared shirt. Any shirt worn under a crested collared shirt must be solid in color with no patterns and should match any color of the collared shirts we offer, ex: black collared shirt should be worn with a black, red, grey or white shirt underneath. Bare midriffs are not appropriate when students twist, stretch or bend. No bare skin at the waist shall be visible at any time.

Crested sweatshirts can be worn over a crested collared shirt. Crested crewneck and 1/4 zip sweatshirts are purchased HERE. No hooded sweatshirts inside. Hooded sweatshirts are allowed to be worn outside only.

Must have heel backs or heel straps that secure the shoe to the foot.

Any St. Peter’s Spirit Wear shirts, past VBS shirts, and any non-hooded St. Peter’s sweatshirts may be worn.