At St. Peter’s Lutheran School, grades K - 1 participate in Minds-In-Motion three days each week for 15 minutes each day. The Minds-in-Motion Maze activities have been designed to develop and challenge a student’s balance and learning capabilities. The more the sensory system works together, the more a student can learn, and the easier it is to learn. The maze includes activities using bean bags, balance boards, balance beams, and eye beads. It includes activities such as skipping, rolling on mats, stomping, crawling, and crossing midline. Every week these activities are diversified to engage every part of the sensory system.

The program improves:

  • clumsiness and disorganization
  • vision skills for reading
  • handwriting skills
  • tracking of digits in math
  • walking, standing and sitting in a controlled manner
  • focusing ability
  • eye-hand coordination
  • sensory and motor integration

"We have developed a revolutionary way to accelerate a child’s potential for academic, athletic, and social success. Our program is designed to stimulate a child’s VISUAL processing, AUDITORY processing, as well as their MOTOR skills. The outcome is a better integrated and balanced child who will perform better in school and at home." - Minds in Motion website