Pam Launer
4th Grade Teacher
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Miscellaneous Information:

Name and Title

Pam Launer, 4th Grade Teacher

Responsibilities at St. Peter's

Mrs. Launer’s passion is teaching children about the wonders of God’s creation through exploring science.  Her 4th graders have been seen with monarch butterflies, rats, hermit crabs, worms, and baby chicks throughout the years as she leads them to appreciate and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Professional History

She has been teaching for over thirty years and has been involved in education at St. Peter’s since 2001. Mrs. Launer began her ministry at St. Peter’s teaching the Leaping Frogs in our preschool program. She was also the Director of Children’s Ministry where she implemented Kid’s of the Kingdom children’s church, our celebration of baptism birthdays, new mother gift baskets with ‘mommy meals,’ and variety of other family oriented activities.




Other Interests