Jill Rodenbeck
7th Grade Teacher
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Miscellaneous Information:

Name and Title

Jill Rodenbeck, 7th Grade Teacher


Responsibilities at St. Peter's

Mrs. Rodenbeck currently serves as the 7th grade teacher. She handles English and Literature for both 7th and 8th grades. For the eighth graders who are ready, she leads a high school level Algebra class. Art class found the seventh graders with Mrs. Rodenbeck, and she shared confirmation instruction with the pastors. The pastors focus on the first two articles of the Apostles Creed with the seventh graders while Mrs. Rodenbeck takes them through Bible history and memory work.


Professional History

Since graduating from Concordia Nebraska, Mrs. Rodenbeck has experience teaching throughout the grade levels from pre-school through high school. She has served here at St. Peter’s since 1994. “Working with middle school kids is the best,” she says. “They have such energy, and it’s a joy watching the gears turning in their heads.”



Mrs. Rodenbeck lives in with her mom, one adult son who is an engineer, and her husband, who transitioned from teaching high school science to tending critically ill patients as an RN in PRMC’s ICU. Their other son and his wife are also St. Peter’s members. Their daughter and her husband live in Wisconsin with the Rodenbecks’ three grandchildren.


Other Interests

When Mrs. Rodenbeck is not on a road trip to visit the grands, she likes to read, take walks, and play games.