STEPS is undergoing an extreme makeover next fall.

We are exploring a change from traditional Bible classes to kids’ enrichment clinics. To make this a great time for all, we need your help.

Click the link below to take a quick survey helping us see what topics would most interest your child(ren).

This is for children ages 3 through 8th grade. Please complete one survey per child. For question, please contact Michelle Leahy.

Click here to take the survey.

catch the lutheran spirit


Can't make it to worship?

St. Peter's worship services are broadcast each Sunday at 6:00 p.m.
on Comcast Channel 57 as well as Frontier Channel 27.

You can also request a DVD copy of the worship service by contacting the church office.


Click here to enroll in the Adopt a College Student program. You will be paried with an individual, family or small group that will keep you in prayer regularly and send you notes, Bible study materials, and even an occasional care package. All college students are eligible for the program, whether you are attending school locally or out of town.

Devotional written by Scott McKenzie, PhD

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